Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ocean skirt

Another sewing project from the same Burda issue as last time.

I needed a simple, A-line skirt (fits best). I had some left over fabric from my maternity dress from last year. Then I saw the pattern in the October Burda and decided to give it a go even though it was marked as difficult. It didn't seem too complicated at first sight, but it turned out the difficulty was in how exact you had to be with the seams for the pockets.


I used the wrong side of the fabric because it looks better (the right side is too shiny). I didn't follow the instructions but constructed the front part by myself. It wasn't very difficult but I made one mistake - I didn't topstitch the pocket openings and I had to do that once the skirt was already assembled. Difficult, I tell you.


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  1. it looks great!well done, I wish I knew how to sew! I love A-Line skirts too, simple, comfy and they always sit well!