Monday, October 15, 2012

Days 5-7 of KCWC

I was planning on showing you three pairs of pants today as the last hurrah of the KCWC 2012, but ... but the little man has already spilt food all over two pairs and they're currently in the laundry.

I made one pair from blue jersey and one from the same black fabric I used for the tie-shirt. I also used the same teal fabric to make cuffs and waist bands. Instead of using a pattern, I just copied another pair of pants and made the new ones slightly bigger.

I also had this fabric left since I decided to make the Viking jacket from a different one, so I wanted to make a romper for cold winter days. I purchased this pattern on Etsy as it promised to be quick and easy and it really was!

More Vikings!

The pattern was simple (with markings in four languages: english, italian, french, spanish) and instructions clear and detailed enough (also supported with sketches) even if you were a beginner. It took me about two and a half hours to make the romper, including cutting out the pattern first and then the fabric. If you're looking for a simple but cute romper pattern, I recommend it.

The Viking fabric was a bit thin for winter and since lining was included in the pattern, I chose flannel to line the romper with. I only had white flannel so I used some cotton scraps for the pockets and the cuffs to make it more fun.

I need to buy some buttons though because I don't have any that would match this fabric.

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