Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day three of KCWC

I'm a bit late to join the fun but I only discovered this challenge today, so I'm going to start on day three of the Kids' clothes week.

I've been sewing for my son quite a bit lately and just today I finished his autumn jacket. This was a very complicated project since I didn 't have a pattern and I wanted to line the jacket with fleece to make it super warm for the windy days.

And it had to be Vikings for a boy with a Scandinavian name, of course. ;-) I chose this fabric at Hawthorne Threads for the shell. At first, I had wanted to use this one but once I got it, it felt a bit too dark-ish, so I changed my mind. This also meant more work as I wanted to line up the print on the seams.


 I used a t-shirt pattern for reference but once I measured my son I realized that even the smallest size of the t-shirt was much too big for him so I had to down-size it considerably. Of course this meant that I was pretty much constructing the garment through trial and error (more error than trial) and it took a lot more time than it would have otherwise.

Lining the jacket with fleece also meant that the thickness of the fabric was also a factor and I initially cut the shell fabric too small so I had to cut an additional strip to self-face the faux button placket in front. I used buttons from my stash - ones that I had bought ages ago for a blouse for me but that blouse never came to be. And good thing too, as the buttons were just perfect for this jacket.


I like the final result and my son seems to like it too. It has already been tested in the chilly autumnal bora winds. I made the sleeves a bit longer so he could wear it for a while, that's why they're rolled up on the photos.

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